For the past decades, you’ve seen him on TV, billboards, and listened to his radio spiel hyping the now famous slogan, “Why buy new when slightly used will do… Except when deals are this good.” Well, he’s back in action again… Welcome aboard and buckle up for the ride!

Dick Enrico is a well-known retail businessman from Minneapolis who introduced a wild card, an underfunded start-up called 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment. His young company's idea was to acquire unwanted slightly used pre-owned fitness gear from frustrated consumers. These castoffs affectionately qualified as dust collectors, door stops, or oversized towel racks from their disgruntled owners.


2nd Wind Exercise Equipment, conceived on the back of a napkin at a local restaurant in 1992, ultimately morphed into the largest specialty fitness dealer in America. The vision of this speculative venture-absent of any new merchandise-was to "recycle" these slightly used goods by offering short-term rentals and discounted sale prices to a new group of value-hungry fitness equipment buyers. Creative marketing coupled with quirky slogans, such as "Why buy new, when slightly used will do, except when the deals are this good". Fast forward the clock, having assembled an incredible team of motivated employees, this "ragtag" pipe dream achieved over one billion dollars in accumulated sales of new and used exercise gear. Subsequently, Johnson Health Tech, a world class Taiwanese equipment manufacturer purchased 2nd Wind enabling Mr. Enrico to pursue his next chapter challenge.


Absent of any retirement options, Dick is back in action with another new and exciting gig, affectionately known as the Shady Deal Depot. This endeavor can be best described as an "indoor flea market" of unique household stuff. Consumers can expect a daily hodgepodge of New, Used, Returns, Overstocks, Collectables, and "One of a Kind" special items. These goods, available at a fraction of the retail cost, are sourced from national retail chains such as Target, Amazon, Wayfair, Costco, Marshalls, JCPenney, and a host of others. Category selection features Household, Electronics, Toys, Kitchen, Rugs, Apparel, Appliances, Patio, Mattresses, Furniture and more. Budget payments welcome and delivery available.

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